Architectural Glasses–Covering and Parapet Glasses

 Glass is one of the most important part of modern life bring our world comfort prestige and esthetics. Owing to coating side buildings look much more graceful and prestige. Outside factors will have more importance to ensure  comfort  conditions. These glasses provide to take under control all kind of factors as sunray,  solar radiation, noises etc…  Suitable panels for architectural modules are produced in special  halls and the glasses are transferred to construction area helping with expert personnels.  It is a necessity to temper especially the outer glass of the system in the way of health and enviromental consciousness . Insulated glass is produced by connecting  two or more glasses with aluminum spacer bar and polysulphide based elastics sealant.  Maximum heat loss in structures consist of windows. Insulated glass reduces that loss at least 50 percent.  When special heat controller coated glasses are used in insulated glass combinations isolation ratio is increased.In structural glazings in roof systems in cooling systems and also in many other usages insulated glass increases its necesity .