The production is done with applying heat and pressure to two or more glass plates by the help of special connective PVB foils. The risk of injuring becomes less while breaking of  the glass so the laminated glasses are the right selection that prevents or delays the unwanted passes from one side to another.  The inside glass of the ig units, which can be used at inclined surface or roof applications, is recommended to be a laminated glasses.  Laminated glasses can be produced from float, colored reflective and tempered glasses. Laminated glass have also speciality of low UV that provide the noiseness and keep the natural colors of furniture. Standart laminated glasses are produced with 0.38 mm. colorless PVB but according to the project or other requirements.  They can also be produced with 0.76 1.14 and 1.52 mm pvb. beside, transparent foils, lowe glasses , colored foils or sandblasting effected foils, can be used in order to increase sun control charecteristics  and different insulation and these can provide different decorative combinations.